Frequently asked questions

About Taxi

Can I make a reservation in advance?

Yes, you can make a reservation in advance.
Please call us or fill in the online reservation form.

Can I smoke inside the taxi?

No, smoking is prohibited in all of our vehicles. Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited.

Do you have a child safety seat available?

Yes, we do.
Please let us know in advance in case you require a child safety seat.

About Sightseeing Taxi

Would a driver guide me during the tour?

Yes, our drivers are pleased to be your tour guide!

What is the maximum number of passengers in one taxi?

Four passengers in a small-sized taxi, five passengers in a mid-sized passengers, and nine passengers in a van type taxi. Three children under the age of 12 are counted as two people.

Can I take a meal or a rest at any time I wish?

The time for sightseeing and the time for resting are included in the time of the tour (4 hours charter).
The time for meal is not included in the time of the tour, but you can take about an hour for your meal with no additional charter fee.

My schedule has changed. Can I cancel my reservation?

Please cancel your reservation by the day before the tour.
In case you cancel on the day of the tour, there will be a cancellation fee, which would be half the cost of the tour fee.

There is a place I want to go but is not included in the tour. Is it possible to make a change to the tour route?

Yes, it is possible to make a change to the tour route. Please note that the tour fee may change in case it requires extra time.

Can I use my wheelchair because I have bad legs?

Yes, we have wheelchair accessible taxis available. We only have limited number of those vehicles, so please contact us in advance.

Can I eat or smoke in the taxi?

Smoking is prohibited in all of our vehicles.
We believe breathing in the fresh air of Joetsu would calm you down.
You can always have a light meal or snack inside the vehicle.

Can you take us to a nice restaurant for lunch?

Yes, our driver will take you to a local’s favorite restaurant.
Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies.

About Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

Can you rend me a wheelchair?

We are sorry, but we do not have any rental wheelchairs.


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