Wheelchair accessible taxi

Our wheelchair accessible taxi enables you to travel safely in a wheelchair or a stretcher.
We offer you a transport service in cases such as transferring hospitals or being discharged from a hospital in Joetsu or Myoko regions as well as a hospital in Nagaoka, Niigata, or other cities in neighboring prefectures.
In order to offer you a safe drive, there may be two drivers on board in a long-distance drive.
If you are to use our wheelchair accessible taxi for the first time or if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Enables you to remain lying on a bed, suitable for anyone who is…

  • Visiting to or coming back from a hospital

Enables you to remain sitting in a wheelchair, suitable for anyone who is…

  • Going on a trip
  • Going to shopping
  • Going to attend a ceremonial occasion

Best support for the first-time customers

If you are to use this service for the first time and have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Our wheelchair accessible taxis are reliable because…

We have earned adequate knowledge and skills for driving wheelchair accessible taxis.
We will support you to move from your bed to a wheelchair or to a stretcher.
Only the drivers who are qualified as Level-2 home care worker or those who have completed the training required for a “universal driver” will be providing this service.

Who are “universal drivers” ?

Universal drivers are people who provide transportation service and are qualified by National Welfare Transportation Service Association to support elderly or disabled customers so that they can use taxi without any problem. IM TAXI have been training our drivers to be qualified as universal drivers.


illustration_01The fare is calculated by a taximeter.

Base fare JPY700 for the first 1.03 kilometers
Fare added according
to the distance
JPY100 per 176 meters

Charter fee

Half an hour JPY5,150

< Example of fare >

Niigata Prefectural Central Hospital
Keinan General Hospital
Approximately JPY7,700 for a distance of 13 kilometers
Niigata Prefectural Central Hospital
Joetsu General Hospital
Approximately JPY5,400 for a distance of 9 kilometers
Niigata Prefectural Central Hospital
Niigata Prefectural Myoko Hospital
Approximately JPY21,300 for a distance of 37 kilometers
Niigata Prefectural Central Hospital
Tokyo metropolitan area
Approximately JPY180,000 for a distance of 310 kilometers
  • This is just an example and the fare may change depending on the route and traffic conditions.
  • Additional fee is required when requested to use a highway.


Elder-care taxi

For customers who are authorized to use public nursing care service

IM TAXI is the only taxi company in Joetsu region that is designated by the governor of Niigata Prefecture as a service provider of nursing care.
For anyone who is authorized to use public nursing care service (Level 1 to 5), the fee of transportation service between your home and hospital will be covered by the nursing care insurance. For more details, please ask your care manager or contact us.




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