Sightseeing taxi

Tours of Uesugi Kenshin

Visiting historical sites known to be related to Uesugi Kenshin.

Tours of Saint Shinran

We have several tour routes to follow the footsteps of Saint Shinran.

Short tours in Joetsu

We have various short tours that are suitable for sightseeing or business purpose.

IM TAXI is registered as a class-3 travel agency.

IM TAXI provides sightseeing services using our taxi (Registration No. 3-341)
There are two special exams held by the city of Joetsu to qualify someone as an “expert of Kenshin and Kanetsugu” or an “expert of three castles in Joetsu”. Our drivers have been learning about the history of Joetsu region through these two exams.
We also have meetings on regular basis in which our drivers teach each other’s favorite sightseeing routes.


Scene of study meeting