For families of our employees


We do our best to make sure that our drivers feel safe working at IM TAXI.

Messages from IM TAXI to the applicants and their families,
We believe that it is our responsibility to protect the safety of the employees. Thus, we have security cameras, security partitions, and drive recorders equipped in our vehicles in case of an accident or a trouble. We also have good communication with the local police. It is our wish to have you and your families feel safe about working at IM TAXI.

Security equipment in our vehicles

CIMG2569All of our vehicles are equipped with a drive recorder. We protect our drivers in case of an accident by recording an evidence.

CIMG2571Security partition protects our drivers in case a customer acts violently in the taxi.

CIMG2570All of our vehicles are equipped with a security camera, which protects our drivers by recording what is actually happening in case a customer acts violently in the taxi.

IMG_1832All of our vehicles are equipped with a navigation system. It enables our driver to reach to the customer without getting lost. IM TAXI Dispatch Center can set the route in the system if the driver is not familiar with the place of destination.

IM TAXI’s efforts to realize a safe and healthy work environment

We have plenary meetings nine times a year. In these meetings, employees learn how to secure their safety and how to maintain good health.

DSCF7455We give safety trainings to our employees on regular basis to improve safety of our operation and to prevent car accidents. Shown below is a picture of our training on how to back your car safely.


In order to maintain our employees’ health in good condition, we invite an instructor to teach them some exercises. Employees can release their physical and emotional stress in these exercises. Shown below is a picture of our employee and an instructor (on the right) helping each other to stretch their muscles.



We host a BBQ party in summer every year. Our employees and their families join us and have a lot of fun.

· We receive many orders and reservations by phone, which make up about 75% of our daily operation.
· We have many regular customers enabling us to make stable income.
· We are the nearest taxi company to the Joetsu-Myoko Station.
· We encourage our employees to dress cool in summer. Polo-shirts will be offered to you as a uniform.
· We are now changing our old vehicles to eco-friendly cars.
· We host many events and gathering for our employees to that they can communicate to each other.