Everything you need to know about our company


Company name IM TAXI
Capital JPY 73 million
Phone 025-523-4795
Head office 6-3-16 Yamato Joetsu-shi Niigata-ken 943-0861
Representative Representative Director : Shoichi Makino
Number of employees 80 (As of January 28, 2008)
Number of vehicles
Total of 44 units
· Van type taxi (Jumbo taxi) 4 units
· Wheelchair accessible taxi 5 units
· Mid-sized taxi 12 units
· Small-sized taxi 23 units
Business contents
· Automobile transportation business for general passenger
· Automobile transportation business for general chartered-passenger
· Automobile transportation business for general shared-passenger
· Designated home-visit nursing care business
· Designated in-home care business for persons with physical disabilities
· Designated in-home care business for persons with intellectual disabilities
· Designated in-home care business for children

Corporate philosophy

photo_01Management philosophy

We live together with you

Management principles

· We pursue the safety of our customers.
· We challenge ourselves to create customer joy and excitement.
· We are always pleased to provide our customers with peace of mind

“We live together with you”

The best words to describe the role of taxi are “from door to door”. We will help you with whatever you need from picking you up until dropping you off. We take the role of our taxi as being by the side of our customers and being a part of our customers’ lives.

Ever since we started our company, we have been putting our best effort to provide the service as requested by our customers. One of the examples is our elder-care taxi, which has been requested by many of our customers recently.

Life changes every day. What we mean by “we live together with you” is that IM TAXI and its employees find pleasure in being a part of our customers’ lives. We believe this is what gives a meaning to our existence in the community.


Work environment


フォロー研修Our company will follow a profound follow-up

IM TAXI has been putting our effort to provide work environment that is not only comfortable for our employees but also enables you to make more money.

We not only give training to our new employees when they first start working, but also give follow-up support on regular basis afterwards. Our experienced senior employees support our new employees by giving advice on efficient operation and by looking after them to see if they have any mental health issues.

In general, taxi drivers are likely to work alone. At IM TAXI, the drivers are separated into several groups by their working shifts and have good communication within the group. The senior drivers in the group take a good care of the new drivers, which is why the retention rate of taxi drivers at IM TAXI is 96%.


Comfortable work environment for women

photo_02Make workplaces where women shine

It seems to be there are more male drivers than female drivers in the taxi industry. However, IM TAXI has been providing a comfortable work environment for female drivers and been promoting to raise the number of female drivers.

By giving them follow-up supports, we have been able to maintain the retention rate of our female employees at very high level. To be specific, we have a female-only break room and a restroom with bidet-toilets. In addition, employees can substitute their holidays to other working days in case they need to attend to their children’s school events on holidays.


Events and gatherings

BBQ①Employees are family members.

IM TAXI hosts many events and gatherings for our employees.

BBQs, hanami parties (in which we gather around cherry blossom trees), social gatherings, and company trips are some of the events and gatherings we host, which enable our employees to communicate with each other.

Our employees are not forced to join these events and gatherings, but many of them enjoy spending time with their colleagues. There are also many local events and festivals which we support as a local company. We promise to provide not only comfortable but also fun atmosphere for our employees.


Our challenges

We are also proactively engaged in local events.

Article offer : Joetsu Times (Published on June 25, 2014)