Safety management

IM TAXI’s Safety management

Safety measures

Drive Recorder

img_recorderDrive recorders help us protect our drivers in case of an accident or a trouble with a customer.

Car Navigation System

img_naviAll of the vehicles at IM TAXI are equipped with navigation system, so there should not be any problem even if you are unfamiliar with the area or if you are not good at memorizing driving routes.

Education / Trainings


Not only we give service trainings but we also give thorough trainings for safety driving skills.

Most of our drivers did not have an experience as a professional driver when they first started working, so they did not know how to handle taxi vehicles.
We give various kinds of trainings to drivers to offer safe and comfortable work environment.


Several other safety trainings are also given to our employees on regular basis. Shown below is a picture of our training using a video of our drive recorder.

By watching the recorded video of an actual accident, employees can learn how accidents are likely to occur and can be aware of safety.


IM TAXI works together with the local police to maintain safety of our daily operation and our drivers.
Not only we support the drivers to improve their driving skills, but we also help them enhance their security awareness as a professional driver.