Company briefings

2021 Company Briefings for Applicants

Please come to our company briefings if you wish to know more about IM TAXI and taxi industry, or if you have any questions on the job or on the offers from IM TAXI.
We are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to get to know about us, which will not be a part of interview.
Please feel free to join us!

Program Contents Time required
Introduction of IM TAXI We want you to know about IM TAXI and taxi industry. 15 min
Job description We will explain the details of the jobs at IM TAXI. 15 min
Questions and answers We will answer to all of your questions.  
Interview We will take time for those of you who would like to have an interview.
Date Timetable Venue
Feb 18 Sun 10:00 –
11:00 –
13:00 –
14:00 –
Joetsu Shimin Plaza

Applicants for taxi drivers and operation managers wanted!

We have four briefings a day.
Please pick the time and the date that is most suitable for you.
Briefings are held at IM TAXI head office on every Wednesday.

Access Map

Joetsu Shimin Plaza
Asutopia Takada
Joetsu Rurban Center

説明会参加者Voices of applicants

– They kindly answered to all of my questions!
– I felt I would have no problem even if I did not have an experience as a taxi driver.
– I was convinced that I would feel rewarded if I worked hard at IM TAXI.