We have various kinds of trainings to support our employees.

Trainings to achieve class-II driver’s license


For those of you who do not have class-II driver’s license, IM TAXI will cover the training fee so that you can learn driving skills required for a professional driver. The training will be given by instructors at a driving school, so there is no need for you to worry. It will take about 10 days to achieve the class-II driver’s license.

Trainings on how to serve customers


We believe that your skills to serve customers are as important as your driving skills. For those of you who has not worked in service industry before, we will give you a thorough training.

In addition, the senior drivers will kindly give you advice once you start serving the customers.

Trainings on company rules and policies


In this training, you will learn the rules of our company. Also, you will learn the true meaning of our company policy and culture, which is “to live together with our customers”.

This training will enable you to provide the best service to the customers, and we believe this will make you proud and be satisfied of your job.

Trainings for vehicle maintenance


We give thorough trainings of the maintenance of the vehicles. You will learn how to check the condition of your vehicle by yourself so that you can provide a safe drive for your customers.

Training on routes and geography


It may not seem easy to know all the routes and geographical features of the town at the beginning, but you are not the only one who feel that way. Most of our drivers felt the same way when they started working. You can take your time to learn the routes and geography through our trainings and supports from senior drivers.

The fastest way to learn the routes and geography is by actually driving your customers to their requested destinations, but we will give you full support to make sure you have no problem.

Field trainings

⑥乗務研修Once you have achieved your class-II driver’s license and finished all of the in-class trainings, you will have field trainings in the town. You will get to know the routes and geography of the town by actually driving around the town.

Follow-up supports


We take our time for our drivers on regular basis to listen to their problems and concerns on their service, sales, or other operational issues. In addition, the managers and senior drivers review your daily report and give you helpful advice if necessary.

We understand that there should be some kind of problems right after you start working as a taxi driver. For example, there may be things not taught in the trainings, or you may not be making the sales you expected. However, IM TAXI promises to give you full support to solve such problems.


*You will be paid hourly during these trainings.



IM TAXI works together with the local police to maintain safety of our daily operation and our drivers.
Not only we support the drivers to improve their driving skills, but we also help them enhance their security awareness as a professional driver.