Customer’s voice

-- More stories from IM TAXI’s senior drivers --

Fifties / Man / Previous job:Manufacturing industry

I am making more money at IM TAXI !

I lost my previous job when I was 50 years old. I was depressed at first, but then I started to feel I wanted to start my new career as a taxi driver.
Working as a taxi driver was completely different from what I was doing at my previous job, so I was a little anxious at first. However, IM TAXI gave me thorough trainings and supports, and my anxiety was soon gone. All of the vehicles are equipped with navigation system, so I don’t have any problem in unfamiliar areas of the town. People working at IM TAXI are friendly, and there are so many opportunities for us to communicate to each other. We do BBQs in summer, go on company trips, go out for drinks after work, and such. What I find the best about working at IM TAXI is that I can make money here by working hard. Now I get better payment here than I did at my previous job, and I am feeling rewarded every day with my job as a taxi driver.
If you wish to make money, why not work at IM TAXI?

Fifties / Man / Previous job:Self-Defense Force

I can have a long career at IM TAXI !

My friend working at IM TAXI suggested me to work here when I left my previous job.
Career as a taxi driver is good for me because I can make use of my driving experience and I can have a longer career here compared to other driving jobs.
Everyone working at IM TAXI are kind and friendly, and I felt comfortable as soon as I started working here. The relationship between senior and junior is not strict at all, and we have a good communication with each other.
Many of my customers are elderlies, and they often show us their gratitude. Every day, I feel very pleased to work at IM TAXI.

Sixties / Woman / Previous job:Service industry

I am now a permanent, full-time employee for the first time in my life.

I have always been interested in working as a taxi driver. When my previous company went out of business, I decided to start my new career at IM TAXI, where I saw many friendly people.
Before I started working as a taxi driver, I thought making money by driving long distance was all about this job. But then I realized that communication with my customers is what makes this job so great. I often get to talk to them and get to know them well while I am driving them to their destinations.
I also find this job fulfilling because I can make a lot of money by working hard. This is my first time working as a permanent, full-time worker, and I truly believe that this is the most fulfilling, exciting job I have ever had!

Fifties / Man / Previous job:Taxi driver

IM TAXI is making a great contribution to the community

I had been working as a taxi driver before I started working at IM TAXI. The atmosphere in my previous company was bad as the people working there were too much focused on making a better sales. Now at IM TAXI, I feel more comfortable. I have always been interested in serving in elder-care taxis, and that is one of the reason I started working at IM TAXI where they have a good management system.I like driving cars and talking to people, so I really love my job here. When serving in an elder-care taxi, I get to have so many opportunities to be thanked by the customers. It makes me feel that I am actually making a contribution to the community. Because I feel fulfilled with my job and my days and nights are no longer mixed up, I am having a lot of fun in my daily life outside of work.

* No hat is required when serving in an elder-care taxi.

Fifties / Woman / Previous job:Nursing care staff

I found the best job and work environment at IM TAXI !

I once saw a driver of IM TAXI helping an elderly customer get off the elder-care taxi at a hospital. That is when it came to my mind that I truly wanted to work as a driver of an elder-care taxi at IM TAXI. 
I had been working as a nursing care staff at a nursing home before, and I did not get much chance to go out with the elderlies. Now at IM TAXI, I enjoy talking with my customers in my taxi.
When I started working at IM TAXI, they gave me sufficient trainings and supported me whenever I had a concern.
This is a rewarding job, and it’s so easy to make friends with people at IM TAXI.

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