Advantages of IM TAXI

Here are some advantages of IM TAXI.

Best operation rate in the town

We are receiving many orders and reservations by phone which make up 72.7% of our daily operation (average data from April to September 2017), and this means that we have many regular customers. This is why we have been able to maintain stable sales.

Full support for employees


We not only give sufficient training to our new employees, but also give other follow-up support and trainings to all of our employees. Senior drivers always take good care of other drivers by giving useful advice on good service and efficient driving routes. When we call the roll of the employees, we make sure if there is anyone who is ill or not feeling good.

Taxi drivers work alone in their taxis, but at IM TAXI the drivers are separated into groups by their working shifts so that they can communicate to each other. We also host many company events and gatherings for better communication among the employees.


You will be paid a fixed salary and a percentage pay in addition to that.


What is most significant about our wage system is that you will be paid more depending on your sales. The more you work hard, the better you will be paid. This enables our employees to keep their motivation high.

Navigation system installed in all of the vehicles


All of the vehicles at IM TAXI are equipped with latest model navigation system. Whenever you receive a dispatch order, the navigation system will show you the route from wherever you are to the destination. This would make the new drivers feel comfortable even they are not so familiar with the area.

When your customer is on board, you can either enter your customer’s requested destination to the navigation system by yourself or have IM TAXI Dispatch Center enter it for you. The navigation system will show you the route, so there should be no worries for you.

Application requirements for mid-career recruitment

If you wish to work:  In daytime In shifts In elder-care taxi
Age Up to 70 years of age
License Class-I driver’s license (Driving experience of 3 years or more is required)
You can achieve Class-II license by training at a driving school cooperated with IM TAXI
Career background
No particular requirement for education and career background.
We welcome those who like to drive and to take care of others.
Job description Driver of a normal taxi Driver of an elder-care taxi
Work style In daytime In shifts In daytime
Social insurances Employment Insurance, Compensation Insurance, Health Insurance, and Employees’ Pension Insurance
Holidays One holiday after five working days,
Two holiday after five working days
One holiday after five working days One holiday after five working days,
Two holiday after five working days
Wage Fixed salary of JPY 145,000 plus a percentage pay Fixed salary of JPY 158,000 plus a percentage pay Fixed salary of JPY 145,000 plus a percentage pay
Other offers Social insurances fully covered
Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid available
Rental uniforms

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask us at our company briefing for applicants.